42 romanian doctors came to the Republic of Moldova on April 30th to help our medical professionals in the fight against the new type of coronavirus. They were assigned through hospitals, which are trained in the fight against COVID-19. The Romanian Government has also provided a lot of humanitarian aid to our country, worth 3.5 million euros, which provides for the procurement of the necessary medical equipment. Usually, for such aid or well said, for any help in such a difficult time for the whole people, any state is deeply grateful. However, this is not the case for the governances of the Republic of Moldova. Let’s take them in line.

 Chicu: “Romanian doctors have come to exchange experiences. They have something to learn, from our doctors.

According to the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Ion Chicu, Romanian doctors, who recently came to our country, to help medical professionals in the fight with COVID-19, would have arrived “to exchange experience, because they have something to learn from our doctors”. The statement was made on Monday, 4 May, after a traditional meeting with the head of state, Igor Dodon, and The President of Parliament, Zinaida Greceanii.

“I would like to note the help that the Republic of Moldova has received from several countries, here I mention the visit of the Hungarian Foreign Minister and, of course, the visit of the Romanian Foreign Minister – who came, first of all, to accompany a team of doctors, who work and exchange experiences with our doctors. Why do I keep saying about exchanging experience… Yes, first of all, Romanian doctors help our doctors, but – on the other hand – I want once again to mention the exceptional professionalism of our doctors, who have helped and help treat infected people,” said Chicu. According to the official, the death rate in Moldova is 3%, the overall rate – 7%, in Romania is 5.7%. “That is why we must be proud of the professionalism of Moldovan doctors and not be ashamed to say it. Everyone who comes to help us also has the opportunity to learn from our doctors how to treat such diseases,” said Ion Chicu.


Dragancea: “With the arrival of the mission of doctors from Romania, doctors from Moldova seem to have been disqualified”

Shortly after the Prime Minister’s statements, Vitalie Dragancea came out on the ramp and Ion Chicu’s communications adviser. He wrote on his Facebook page that with the arrival of the mission of doctors from Romania, doctors from Moldova seem to have been disqualified. “It’s very good that the mission came from Romania! A helping hand and an exchange of experience are always welcome! Especially during the epidemic. But we must be able to appreciate the dedication and competence of our doctors,” the Prime Minister’s adviser pointed out.


Târdea: “Help from Romania came late and fast”

PSRM Deputy Bogdan Tîrdea thanked Romania for his help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, but complained that she had come to the aid with delay after Hungary had done it. “Romania sent 53 doctors and a few boxes of masks. Thank you, of course. But sent on April 27, at the end of the quarantine, after the shops and factories had already been opened, etc. He did it only after Hungary offered us help! And yes, with the minister, the fanfare and the photo shoots,” the socialist wrote. If we are to get out of the bubble of the socialist Tîrdea, at that event  were no fanfares, and pictures are taken of all such actions.

However, the Socialist said nothing about the fact that Hungary offered 100,000 masks and 5,000 costumes, and Romania – about 3.5 million euros. And in the “few boxes of masks”, as Tîrdea writes, there were actually 3,000 protective combinations, 6,000 FFP2 medical masks, 6,000 surgical masks, 11,500 glove pairs, 1,000 visors, and the Romanian Ministry of Defence also came with 10 isolates. Moreover, the socialist is once again resorting to the technique of omission and did not mention that Hungary supplied medical equipment to our country following a request from Chisinau sent to NATO’s Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre. NATO complied with the request and instructed Hungary to ensure its fulfilment. Thus, the medical equipment was delivered through the European Command of the United States and provided to the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.


Pascaru: “Romania’s help to be appreciated even if it came too late and smells of populism”

Nicolae Pascaru, candidate on the list of the Party of Socialists in the 2019 parliamentary elections, current municipal councilor in Chisinau from the PSRM, but also a member of the Council of Civil Society in addition to the head of state, launched a harsh attack on Romania. He says that the Republic of Moldova over the past 20 years has become a missionary and a billion-euro donor for the EU as well as Romania.

“In the last six years, hundreds, perhaps even over a thousand doctors from the Republic of Moldova, have gone to Romania to fill vacancies. Without them, I don’t know how the health care system in the neighbouring country would have survived today. We receive about 400 million euros annually from the EU, but we import products to the Republic of Moldova from this area of more than two billion euros annually. Very “fair”!!! (..) It would be fair if Romania covered all the expenses that the Republic of Moldova has in this respect and the EU as well,” Pascaru wrote in an article.

“It would be good if these “aids”, I actually call them some “compensations”, which come, to be made without populism because Moldovan citizens understand all these things. (…) However, it would be good for the Romanian state to concentrate all its forces on the area of Moldova- Suceava, Botoşani and other cities that have become major outbreaks. There’s no need for Iohanis to make cheap populism. Romania does not have the potential of the US, China, Russia and even Hungary. They should keep all these aids  for the hospitals in Bucharest, Iaşi, where citizens of the Republic of Moldova still work today,” Pascaru writes.

Dodon thanked Romania for its help only the next day, but asked Bucharest to stay away from the “typical geopolitical area” in relation to the Republic of Moldova

 Head of State Igor Dodon did not mention at all about Romania’s help on the day he arrived in Chisinau. This was not the case with equipment from the Russian Federation and Hungary. Aid from Russia was personally welcomed by Dodon at Chisinau airport, surrounded largely by the docile PSRM press. It’s just that President Dodon exaggerated the help of the Russian Federation. The Republic of Moldova will pay for the fuel consumed by the plane that brought them to Chisinau. By Decision No 1/2002/EC of the European 24 of 29 April of the Commission for Exceptional Situations, was ordered to be paid with The Moldovan taxpayers’ money payment for 59 tons of JetA fuel, for the flight of An-124, to the company “Lukoil”. Thus, our country paid about 45 thousand dollars for fuel and another 10 thousand dollars for airport and air navigation services. That’s while Igor Dodon said he wouldn’t have acquitted himself of anything.

But let’s go back to the help offered by Bucharest. The head of state wrote a message of thanks to Romania on Facebook only the next day. It is just that Igor Dodon was careful to tell Bucharest that “what really matters in the dialogue between both states is the emphasis on the well-being and security of our citizens, far from the typical geopolitical area”.

“The friend in need is known. I would like to give special thanks to the Romanian people and personally to the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, for his support of Moldova. (…)  In these difficult times we particularly appreciate the support that comes from Moldova’s neighbours and partners, understanding that these countries are also going through their own difficult times. I know that Romania has always been with us, and our countries are linked not only by the common geographical and cultural space, but also by the same vision of modernisation and development in the European spirit. I believe that what really matters in the dialogue between both states is the emphasis on the well-being and security of our citizens, far from the typical geopolitical area,” igor Dodon wrote.


Ionita: ” In these difficult times for all of us we are not in a beauty contest. Every gesture matters and every effort must be appreciated.”

Romania’s Ambassador to Chisinau, Daniel Ionita, came with a reaction to the criticism adressed to Bucharest. “Some from the Republic of Moldova and from Bucharest have already started to agitate and try to discredit the humanitarian assistance offered generously by Romania, disinterested and unconditionally to all citizens of the Republic of Moldova, now in times of pandemic trouble,” the ambassador wrote on Facebook.

“Dear and dear, first of all, in these difficult times for all of us we are not in a beauty contest. Every gesture matters and every effort must be appreciated. Only together can we get out of the crisis, so hopefully for a normal life,” Ionita said.    The Ambassador states that “Romania’s policy towards the Republic of Moldova is consistent and predictable and has at its heart the support of the European path (for which the Chisinau government must make reforms) and the assistance given to citizens (gardens, buses for students, school scholarships, renovated buildings, children’s camps, culture, health, etc.)”.  “The donation of medical equipment is coming. Let’s see then pictures and PR, as some would say. I can’t wait!” the ambassador concluded.