A contingent of 75 soldiers from the Honor Guard Company will go to Moscow on June 24th to take part in the moscow parade in Red Square, at the indication of President Igor Dodon. The decision is criticized by both, civil society and several politicians and not only for moral reasons, but also because Russia is a champion of the number of COVID-19 infections.

The information was communicated to the Ziarul de Garda, by the press officer of the Ministry of Defence, Ala Diaconu.

A contingent of the National Army will participate in the parade on June 24, 2020 in Moscow. The soldiers are from the Honor Guard Company, which represents Moldova at various parades. They participated in the parade in Romania, Ukraine, France, Bulgaria, Lithuania,“said Ala Diaconu

Asked how it was decided that the Moldovan soldiers should go to Russia, where dozens of people infected with COVID-19 die every day, and previously several Russian candidates, soldiers and commanders were tested positive, Ala Diaconu stated that “all precautions will be taken“.

During Radio Sputnik Moldova’s “Contrapuct”, Dodon gave more details about the visit he is about to undertake in the Russian capital.


“I consider this visit to Moscow important, especially in the context of the Great Victory in the Great War for the Defence of the Fatherland, we are in a year in which we celebrate 75 years since this victory. I planned to be on May 9, but these events were transferred for June 24th. I accepted the invitation and I will be there,” Dodon told Radio Sputnik Moldova.

Dodon also noted that all the costs of moving the soldiers who will participate in the parade, including the air race, are covered by the Russian side, a “suggestive” aspect that confirms Dodon’s close relationship with the Kremlin.

The president’s decision to “honor” Putin’s invitation is at least offensive to the tens of thousands of victims deported and killed by Russia, believes Anatol Şalaru, president of the National Unity Party, a former defense minister.

It’s a parody to celebrate May 9th in June. Dodon exposes national army soldiers to Covid 19 infection, given that Russia is a champion of infection and hides the truth about the level of coronavirus expansion. Dodon’s departure to Moscow is still a confirmation that he is Putin’s poodle who immediately executed the commands given by the master. Dodon offends the tens of thousands of victims deported and killed by Russia, but mostly spits on the dead in the 1992 Moldovan-Russian war. This proves the external isolation to which he is subjected by the West, showing that apart from Putin no one wants to deal with him,” Şalaru wrote on his Facebook page.


Deputy Iurie Renita proposes to Igor Dodon to go to Moscow with the 2000 soldiers of the former 14th Army of Transnistria. Renita said for jurnal.md that this gesture is a political challenge that compromises the National Army.

“I would propose to Comrade Dodon to take 2000 troops from Transnistria from the former 14th Army and take them all there. The presence of our soldiers in Moscow defies common sense in the sense that it is well known what has happened historically, when parents, brothers, grandparents fought against each other. Two brothers or neighbors, one was in the Romanian Army, another in the Soviet Army or some were who until 1944 were in the Romanian Army and then in the Soviet Army. An absolutely irresponsible president who goes to Moscow as a party, like at home, that’s the painful and tragic part of events and also takes such a large contingent, 75 troops. It’s incredible! Dodon is a true traitor of nation and country,” points out Iurie Renita.


As Supreme Commander of the armed forces, President Igor Dodon is also responsible for the health of the soldiers accompanying him,the former Defence Minister said for Radio Free Europe.

“In the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, but also in the unwritten customs of the military, it is not indicated that the president of the country must go to a solemnity, be it parade or other invitation, accompanied by a contingent of soldiers. In order for the military to participate in the parade outside the Republic of Moldova, a specific invitation for the military contingent is needed. There is also a need for approval at the level of Parliament and Government, but not simply an indication of the President of the Republic of Moldova. I treat this military participation as risky, especially for their health,” says Marinuta


Political analyst Ion Tăbârță believes that President Igor Dodon’s decision to go to Moscow in the time of the pandemic, accompanied by the Moldovan military, would is electorally motivated.

A clear demonstration to his electorate that he is a loyal and personal ally of Vladimir Putin, which are the foreign and geopolitical priorities of the Republic of Moldova as long as it is led by Igor Dodon. Direct and indirect references in the election campaign to this participation in the Moscow parade will surely be made. It will be one of Igor Dodon’s hard-foning books in the election campaign,” Tabârță told for Radio Free Europe

According to EADayli, about 14,000 people, including students, will attend the military parade in Moscow on June 24. Representatives from 19 countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan, China, Belarus, Egypt, Iran, India, etc., were also invited to the event. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu also invited his US counterpart, Mark Esper, but it is not yet known whether Esper accepted the invitation.

We note that Vladimir Putin has decided that the military parade on May 9th, cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, will take place on June 24th, to mark the 75th anniversary of victory in World War II. According to official data, 200 people die every day in the Russian Federation due to COVID-19, and another 9,000 are infected with this virus.