In the middle of the pandemic, one of the church’s representatives, Bishop of Balti and Falești, Marchel, appeared on the horizon, with a monologue in which he promotes one of the most common conspiracy theories in reference to COVID-19 and vaccination of the population. In the video he urges Christians not to accept vaccination against the new type of coronavirus, as the pandemic was invented for forced vaccination by chipping. Marchel comes with this urge although such a vaccine has not yet been developed by scientists.

“Runaway from the vaccine. Don’t get it because the vaccine is the endpoint of the satanist globalists for whom they concocted the coronavirus by attributing to it much more strange characteristics than they really are. The vaccine proposed by the globalists and claimed all on their money, do not seem to you to be a gift. It is the trap that deprives us of freedom as a holy gift. The voluntarily vaccinated man implements his tracking mechanism in the body. Such a vaccine even influences the thinking of people“, the bishop said.

In context, Marchel urged people to fear more of God than Covid-19 because the pandemic would be an invention.

Today in the world there is a greater fear of COVID-19 than of God. That means we pray badly“, the church representative said.

Two days after Marchel’s statements, the Synod of the Orthodox Church of Moldova signed an address on the legality of a possible mandatory vaccination as an effect of the SARS-COVID-19 virus. The document states that:

“It is also mandatory to state the idea that vaccination is also a danger of microchipping. Bill Gates is considered primarily responsible for creating microchipping technology through a vaccine that introduces nanoparticles into the body that react to the waves transmitted by 5G technology and allow the system to control humans remotely. 5G technology in combination with certain vaccines administered in China and Italy is also thought to have been the basis for the emergence of this virus which has turned the entire planet upside down”.

The latest conspiracy trends on COVID-19  argue that a forced vaccination will inject nanochips into the human body or that the coronavirus epidemic is manufactured by the media. According to a report consulted by Politico Europe, “official” and actors in Russia and China are targeting, through disinformation actions and “conspiracy narratives” about COVID-19, the public in the European Union, and the neighbourhood. EastStratcom of the European External Action Service, which deals with combating fake news and misinformation, notes that these conspiracies can endanger people’s lives.

Earlier, President Igor Dodon said he would consider introducing criminal liability for the spread of fake information. However, the proposal remained only at the declaration level. We note that in July 2019, the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, decorated with state distinctions 16 priests of the Metropolitan of Moldova, including Bishop Marchel.

Please note that an authorized vaccine to be administered against the new coronavirus does not exist yet! Currently, eight anti-COVID-19 vaccines are only in clinical trials and at the testing stage. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the vaccine produced by the University of Oxford could be ready in six months. According to a survey conducted by the Association of Sociologists and Demographers of the Republic of Moldova, around  52% of citizens of the Republic of Moldova would vaccinate against the new coronavirus. At the same time, 34% would oppose the administration of the vaccine.